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About Us


Shopnaw is a daybreak in the online market place, the next generation shopping platform that provides affordable online buying, selling and delivery portal to our target market, deliver a top-notch customer experience second to none with differentiated products and services to the market.


Birthed as an online retail service made up of mostly African businesses. Shopnaw portal is built with your special interest at heart. Our portal support Business-to business (B2B), Business-to-consumer (B2C), and Consumers-to-consumers (C2C). We exist to champion change in the archaic method of delivery – SMS, Telephone calls and the delays in delivery systems. We deploy technology to connect people with the best in their cities. We do this by empowering businesses with our robust portal and in turn, generate new ways for people to live, work and earn. This is Shopnaw commitment; connecting people with possibilities — easier and happier days, more convenient lifestyle, bigger savings accounts, wider network, and stronger communities.


We are so much obsessed with your livelihood. We care about the hustle of your daily busy routines, your quest to live a more fulfilled life, and build a prosperous enterprise. We believe shopping has to be rewarding, every fibre of this business considers all stakeholders involved and as such pursue the very goal of given stakeholders delight.


Shopnaw customers comprise both buyers and sellers on the platform, and enables them to interact with each other on our portal. Sellers signup without any initial investment cost, buyers on the other hand access the app and web portal without any charge. At Shopnaw we market our sellers and their products to millions of buyers. We do not compete with our sellers, we complement them. Buyers are made of individuals and groups who buy from the different categories on the platform. Sellers include retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and brands. Our platform is used to create a digital presence of their businesses and sell to millions of consumers and other businesses. We also provide delivery services to the doorsteps of consumers. Shopnaw provides advertising solutions to help businesses find, attract and engage millions of Shopnaw customers every step of the way.


Our values (SCORITE) are fundamental to the way we operate and how we recruit, evaluate, compensate and relate with our people. Our seven values are:

Speed. Committed to being responsive to vendors and customers' expectations with immediacy and velocity. Our passion to anticipate what they are going to want, and have it ready when they decide they need it.

Customer focus. Our sharp lens centres on our customers. Our desire to delight customers gives us the drive to invent on their behalf.

Ownership: This is a call to uphold responsibility and accountability. Committed to lasting relationships to instill mutual trust and confidence with all stakeholders. We work to put you in control.

Reliability: Demonstrating a strong resilience, sound and consistent character of quality. Simply delivering on promises every time.

Integrity: Committed to showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles evidenced by high ethical standards including accuracy of actions, honesty, co-operation, tolerance, and acceptance of obligations as well as rights, accountability to staff, Vendors, partners, the public and government.

Trustworthiness: To be entrusted by customers and partners. Commitment to goals and the willingness to embrace change. We commit to improving our operations as we seek our stakeholders' approval

Excellence: We are committed to the pursuit of the highest quality and standard. We go the extra mile with you