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How is Shopnaw fulfilling orders amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shopnaw pledges to meet the demand of consumers by helping them to avoid crowded stores, restaurants, the local markets and risk exposure to COVID-19. We have agreed with our marketplace vendors to be available in stock and capacity to serve customers better.

Shopnaw has prioritized its deliveries for food, home essentials, household groceries, foodstuff, and medical supplies. In this time, we are working around the clock to deliver convenience and safety to the doors of our customers.

As part of our effort to fight this COVID-19 pandemic, we have partnered with all our health, safety and pharmaceutical vendors to deliver essential drugs needed for the wellbeing of customers with no delivery charges.

Shopnaw Personal Shoppers are undertaking a routine check of their health status and are thoroughly educated to observe protocols outlined as part of the steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Shopnaw Personal shoppers wash their hands often, practice other hygiene measures, and stay home when they are feeling sick, we also recommend to our customers to avoid a direct hand-off. We delivered to your doorstep without a hand-to-hand exchange with Shopnaw personal shoppers. We now provide the option where customers can request for non-contact deliveries. With this option, you will have to pay electronically or by mobile money and get your item delivered at your door without any form of contact with Shopnaw personal shoppers.

Shopnaw personal shoppers informs customer to know they have arrived. They place the order outside customer’s door, move a safe distance back and wait nearby for the customer to collect the items before the order can be completed.

Stay home, stay safe.


Why Shopnaw?

At Shopnaw, we sell our Sellers and their products by connecting with buyers and personal shoppers (delivery). Shopnaw does not compete with our seller partners, we complement them with the support that generates traction for their business. Shopnaw is a virtual Mall that hosts businesses such as Grocery, pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Restaurants, local Market, made in Ghana goods beauty and fashion; all on one platform with on-demand delivery service. 

What is Shopnaw?

We are a 3-sided online marketplace with all your favourites; supermarkets, grocery, restaurants, pharmacy, local markets, electronic, fashion, and beauty on a single platform, coupled with top-notch technology that provides on-demand delivery service trackable in real-time. Shop the way you want and get it delivered to your doorstep. We manage our platform by working closely with your favourite retailers and trusted brands to keep up with your shopping standards. On Shopnaw, you can find the right items, at the right price, and your favourite shop without stress. Discover all the ways to save time & money. Find competitive prices, deals from stores and product on Shopnaw— delivered to your desired location.

How Shopnaw works?

It's a marketplace platform that hosts businesses (High or premium, medium or regular small businesses) and buyers with delivery services in an integrated manner. Shopnaw works by connecting sellers to buyers and both to personal shoppers. Once there are sellers, buyers will buy, and personal shoppers will pick orders for onward delivery. 

Who are Shopnaw target markets?

  • Sellers (Businesses)
  • Buyers: Busy lifestyle, Busy bees, working-class, Mid-High Income, Middle Class, Students, Web-savvy decision-makers, working moms, young professionals, expatriates, corporate entities, the active youth, and e-commerce fanatics.



Why should I buy from Shopnaw?

Items sold are of great quality at lower prices coupled with on-demand delivery service (within an hour delivery) all done with real-time tracking on your phone. 

What can I order?

You can order from a wide range of products available in Restaurants, Grocery, Supermarkets, Pharmacy, Open market (Local market), Electronics, Clothing, Pet supplies, Health and beauty (Cosmetics and Perfumes), Made in Ghana goods and many more.

What is your duration for the delivery service?

Within an hour delivery within a zone, however outside a zone may be longer than one (1) hour depending on traffic in the zone. Categories such as Electronics, Fashion, Clothing, Beauty, Stationery and others may have delivery more than an hour but within 24 -48 hours

How do I place my order?

First and foremost, you need an internet connection with your GPS location turned on to proceed to buy from your desired store or market.

What type of motorbike/vehicles do personal shoppers use for delivery? How big can my orders be?

Deliveries are done with two-wheelers and vans. Using the Shopnaw app, you can place an order for items ranging from food, foodstuffs, groceries, and more. A personal shopper will then pick up your order and deliver it directly to you within an hour. 

How do I add or remove items from my cart?

By selecting the product, you can select an item and decrease or increase the quantity by selecting the + or – option respectively.

How do I sign into my account and/or edit the information in my account?

By going to options and proceeding to edit information, after the change(s) is/are done you save any changes made to your account. 

Do you offer fraud protection?

Our system is robust to curtail all fraud issues

Is Shopnaw available in my neighborhood?

Surely, we are working hard to be in your area very soon. Currently operating within the Accra metropolis. You can get a trusted seller on Shopnaw to buy from. For any other inquiries contact customer care for a prompt response.

How do I find what I want as a user of the Shopnaw app?

Simply tap on the search button on Shopnaw app and type the item name, you will be shown corresponding stores/brand with your search item.

What is your return policy? I want to return a product. What do I do?

Items bought from Shopnaw platform can be returned the same day, however, there are some exceptions in this regard such as the store a customer is buying from (their warranty is what covers the buyer). 

  1. Products purchased via Shopnaw Marketplace can be returned within 24 hours, if the product is sealed in original package, unused, undamaged and in its original condition and packaging with all accessories, manuals have not been tampered with or altered.
  2. Medicine, cooked meals, underwear or lingerie are not to be returned unless it has a defect on arrival, or it is not what was ordered.
  3. All food, food items, groceries and perishable products are not returnable.

For enquiries contact customer care centre.

Is there a warranty on the products?

Shopnaw uses the warranty of the store the user is buying from, each product varies from others, as some products come with warranties, and others do not, in cases like this it is paramount to verify from customer care centre before purchase

There are missing or incorrect products in the order, what should I do?

Please contact customer care centre for the necessary action to be taken upon receipt.

What if my order has arrived in poor condition?

Please alert the customer care centre immediately and the necessary action will be taken 

I want to cancel my order. Will I be charged for cancellation?

Yes. If it is food once the order has been accepted by the restaurant, you can’t cancel. 

On food items, groceries and perishable products, once the order has been picked by a personal shopper, you can’t cancel.

Unless the item has not been pick-up from the Seller then you will not be charged a fee. 

How many days does it take to replace my returned item?

After the seller approves your order cancellation, you will receive the replacement 3 -14 working days after the item is received.

What if I just want to modify my order?

You can modify an order by call or text to the customer care centre to add or remove the order list(s).

What type of payment cards do you accept?

Visa/ Mastercard debit or credit cards

How does your delivery service work?

It's a co-ordinated automated system that operates with an on-demand delivery scheme which allows the nearest personal shopper to receive orders purchased on the Shopnaw platform for onwards picking and delivery to the user.

How can I track order on Shopnaw? Is ordering online secure?

Yes, it is very secure. You can view the real-time movement of goods from the moment an order was accepted by the store and the personal shopper.

How will I know that my order has been received?

You will receive a push notification indicating your order has been accepted. Likewise, you can also track your order to know its progress and status

What if I need to change my address?

Changes to a client drop off address should be done before the delivery services pick up an item. 

How long after placing my order should I expect to receive my order/request?

Within an hour of placing a request, with an exception of High-value products such as electronic gadgets and others which usually take within 1 hour and 48 hours.

How do I change my payment method?

You can update your payment method by doing the following:

Log in to your account page.

Select the drop-down menu on the upper right corner.

Under Payment Details, click UPDATE.

Choose your payment method at the top and fill in the details.


How do I change my phone number or email address?

Open the Shopnaw app on the upper right corner of the app 

Tap on the "Dropdown menu"

Proceed to "My Profile"

Tap on the "Dropdown" bottom on the far upper right side of the app

Proceed to edit user information as desired.

How Do I Change My Password?

Open the Shopnaw app on the upper right of the app 

Tap on the "Dropdown menu"

Proceed to "My Profile"

Tap on the "Dropdown" bottom on the far upper right side of the app

Proceed to edit user information

What is your customer service line?

Shopnaw can be contacted on 0302422721, 0557668440 or via Facebook or WhatsApp.

Should I tip a personal shopper?

It's not compulsory to tip the personal shopper, but you can if you want to do so. 

Can I buy from multiple stores and get items delivered by one delivery person?

You can order from multiple stores however delivery will be done by different personal shoppers and will incur different delivery charges

Can I sign up using my social media account? 

Yes. To register on Shopnaw, make sure you need a valid registered mobile number to signup

Do you have my kind of stores on your app?

Yes, we have an assortment of stores selected by the "People choice business'' onto the Shopnaw platform. We have your favourites stores and well-respected brands on our platform at affordable prices.

Do you transport animals?

No. Shopnaw does not trade in the transport of live animals.

What makes Shopnaw different from the other e-commerce platform I buy from?

Shopnaw does not mark-up on prices of items sold by vendors. We do not charge commissions our Sellers and their products, and we also complement Sellers on the platform as we are not involved in the direct selling process. Therefore, items sold on Shopnaw are cheaper than the competition. We equip the selling and buying with on-demand delivery service. We deliver to your doorstep a new bundle of delight and affordable convenience.



What are some of the requirements for signing up on Shopnaw?

Some highlights of our terms and conditions are that Shopnaw demands product(s) sold must be of the highest standard in quality, devoid of any health repercussion to Shopnaw Brand and patrons on our app. Also, there shouldn’t be any form of a hoax about Sellers’ product(s) and its description.

Am I supposed to submit any documents when signing up on Shopnaw?

Depending on the type/category of the store, Shopnaw may need required relevant certificates and documents for the registration process. 

Will I get paid-for item bought (from my shop/store) when a personal shopper comes for the product(s)?

Yes, the personal shopper will pay for items bought on our platform before picking items for delivery.

Do you have some categories of business you deal with only?

We support both wholesale and retail businesses. However, our priority is with businesses that have a product(s)/item(s) that are easily moved.

Must one have a physical shop/store before signing up as a sellers/delivery service?

No. we work with both categories of stores whether virtual or physical shops. Shopnaw deals with shops that can provide products that are durable and authentic devoid of fraud or deceit for the use of consumers.

What is selling on Shopnaw?

Every movable item you can think off with an exception of illegal or contraband items as stated in the laws of Ghana.

Will Shopnaw call me on phone any time I get an order online?

No, instead a dedicated mobile number with an internet-enabled mobile phone (provided by Sellers) is to receive a push notification or beeping alert indicating an order has been made to a client with its corresponding order description embedded in the alert signal. We shall call the seller if there are delays in accepting the order.

What is the mode of payment for items bought from Shopnaw?

Clients have payment options ranging from Cash/Mobile Money Transfer on delivery or Debit/Credit card payment.

Are you sure there are no hidden charges or fees for signing-up as a seller on Shopnaw?

No. The contract is valid for 12 months

What does it take for one to sign up as a seller? How long does it take?

An individual or business must go through our terms and conditions (contract agreement) and within 4 weeks after signing, the store will be set-up. Fast onboarding with minimal involvement from your team. We set up your store and launch within 4 weeks. This depends on the quality of data provided, level of collaboration between store partner and Shopnaw, and current Shopnaw onboarding schedule

Can I put pictures of all my products on your platform?

Yes, images need to be in a specific dimension for uploads and Sellers will be given a short tutorial on how to upload images with technical support that is readily available at a fee (images taken and edited by Shopnaw graphic and brands team). Note all images of products placed on Shopnaw must be readily available for delivery to the client as and when an order is made. 

Do you have a delivery service that handles every item bought online at my shop?

Yes, an automated delivery service maps items bought from the store and the customer's location to Shopnaw personal shoppers

Does a sellers/shop owner pay (subscription fee and commission) on the items sold on the Shopnaw platform? 

No, neither do shops pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

What if I have my delivery service, can that be merged with the system to give me first offer for items bought in my stores?

Yes, Sellers' delivery service will be the first point of contact for delivery, but in a situation where no dispatch rider is available, a nearby delivery service gets the alert for item pick-up for onwards delivery.

How much do I pay for an advertisement on your platform?

Shopnaw has a whole range of advertisements in different categories. Shopnaw advertisement rates are based on Impressions (Cost per impression -CPM) and Clicks (Cost per click -CPC). Interested persons or businesses will be sent our list and corresponding pricing via email. 

How do you ensure that my shop gets enough traction on Shopnaw?

Shopnaw will be responsible for the online (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram google ads) and offline (radio, print, personal marketing, referrals, etc) marketing strategies by promoting our sellers and their products. 

How does Shopnaw make money?

We make money from the delivery services and advertisements run on our platform for shops or other businesses.